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A Guide to Being in Action or in Flow

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Making money online is all about the action you take and that action doesn’t have to be perfect action it just has to be an action that takes you nearer to and not further away from your goals, ambitions, and what you are looking to achieve.

I have a couple of clients who’ve been stuck in inaction for months now, and they’re desperate to get into action and to find their flow.

So we’ve set up structure and training so they can train themselves to be in action much more of the time.

It’s trainable, if you’re willing to commit yourself.

In this short guide, I’ll talk about how to train.

Commit to the Possibility

When we are not feeling motivated to take action, and we’re feeling burdened or bleh about a task … it’s because we aren’t connected to some possibility in our lives.

What is it that you want to create in the world? What do you want to change in your life, or in the lives of others?

If you get clear on that possibility, and feel connected to it, you’re going to feel much more energized and inspired to tackle your tasks.

Some examples of possibility:

  • Create an income with my new business to support me and my family
  • Help people overcome their feelings of inadequacy
  • Help my team feel more energized and connected to meaning
  • Help keep my family safe and happy
  • Help 100 million people change their lives with uncertainty training (my mission)

There are lots of other possibilities, but the important thing is to connect to yours, before you even take on a task. And reconnect when you’re feeling like not doing it.

Then commit to creating that possibility, even if it feels difficult or scary.

Create Daily Structures

Once you’re connected and committed to that possibility, it’s important to have some structure. Some examples:

  • A schedule with blocks for your meaningful tasks
  • Accountability with a group of people
  • A session at 10am every day where you write for an hour
  • A video call every day at 8am with an accountability partner, where you do 2 hours of focused work on the call together
  • A commitment to check in with a coach, and a consequence for not doing your commitment

What structure will help you be in action? Create it for yourself, and then train.

Train Your Action Muscle – Your Brain

This is the important part: you can connect to possibility and be committed, create a structure … but then you have to actually put it into action. Nothing else matters but this.

So train yourself for a week, and each day be in action and in flow. By doing stuff. Get shit done.

Take on the hard tasks, in small bite-sized chunks. Check things off your list, while feeling the meaning and possibility you are creating.

Be in action and in the flow, over and over, and you’ll train the action muscle, your brain to take action.

After a week, review: how did it go? What needs to be adjusted, ask yourself. ‘What’s not perfect yet? Allow yourself to study any weaknesses, you are allowed weaknesses and ponder how to turn them into strengths. What did you learn? How can you keep the training, the action, and the flow going?

Just to leave you with ‘food for thought’. So with this in mind: what would you like to commit to today? When you decide, remember the golden rule of action and flow – ‘Whatever you choose to do, make sure that it takes you closer to and not further away from your goal, ambitions and dreams’.

To Your Ultimate Success

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