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MailerLite Review?

MailerLite is an advanced email marketing tool that enables you to grow your audience, connect with your subscribers, create amazing, engaging optimized email campaigns, with very little design skills so that you can deliver the right message and build a targeted list of long term subscribers, all on autopilot.

Providing all the latest drag and drop design editor and automation features there to help you design beautiful aesthetically pleasing email campaigns that will keep your subscribers wanted more and waiting in anticipation for your next email to drop into their whitelisted email inbox.

There is no need to hire a designer each time you want to send out an email campaign, newsletter, or article promoting your latest offer, product or service because the latest drag and drop software and editing tools make it possible to produce professional emails your subscribers will love to receive, read and take action on and you don’t need any HTML skills whatsoever.

I have personally been using MailerLite for over 2 years now and I haven’t only built an ever-growing targeted email list of red hot subscribers and prospects but also been given the privilege of becoming one of their ambassadors, loving known as a MailerLite Expert. You should really consider becoming an expert because it brings with it some awesome free upgrade features, even to the free plan.

Get Started For Free

What I really like about MailerLite is even the free plan gives you features which other similar services like Convertkit don’t offer. For example, with your free MailerLite account you can set automation emails, which in itself is an amazing feature because you can create your emails in a sequence that only takes 1 click and a minute of your precious time to send out to your subscribers. The free account also gives you the opportunity to get used to the MailerLite interface and build your email list at the same time.

If you want to learn step-by-step how to use the MailerLite interface, you can watch this tutorial!

You can have up to 1,000 subscribers and send out a very reasonable 12,000 emails per month in your MailerLite account without having to pay one single dollar or even provide your credit card details. So there is no risk!

But, I will mention at this point that the free account is limited in comparison to the pro version. With the free version, you can.

  1. Create opt-in forms
  2. Create landing pages
  3. Get 1,000 subscribers
  4. Send automated emails

For a free tool that is amazing! When you fall in love with the service and you get more than 1,000 subscribers, you can easily upgrade.

MailerLite Pricing

Before we discuss the awesome features you will get when you upgrade to the pro version, let’s talk about pricing!

To make it easier to understand and unlike other services, MailerLite has only 2 plans, the free and the premium, but there are add on which can give you even more, for example, a dedicated IP address. You can find out why this might be a worthwhile thing to consider by watching this very short explanation tutorial.

The Premium Plan | Starting at $10 Per Month

With the $10 premium plan, you have all the functionality in order to automate and grow your email list but with 1,000 subscribers but for $5 more you have the ability to send out automated emails to unlimited subscribers. This is a great way to start to monetize your list on autopilot and at the same time help your subscribers by having the ability to send them endless great content, money-saving information, great products, and services information. The very reasonable $15 per month allows you to build your list to 2,500 subscribers. Remember once you have an email list of 2,500 subscribers there is the potential to easily make at least a few $100 per month if not a lot more.

Here is an overview of the pricing and what you get with the premium plan

Number of SubscribersPrice Per Month
MailerPro Adon$100

To get a detailed breakdown of all prices and features click here!

When you go for the MailerLite Premium Plan you do get the benefit of some really cool features not available with the Free Plan.

  • Life chat support 24/7
  • MailerPro = $100 per month
  • Use custom domain
  • Promotion popups
  • Auto resend
  • Delivery by timezone
  • Click maps
  • Opens by location
  • Customisable favicon
  • Create templates
  • A/B split testing
  • unlimited domains
  • Additional analytics – click heat map
  • Remove MailerLite logo
  • Custom HTML editor
  • Newsletter templates

There are also some awesome add-ons that give you even more premium service and because you are running a very successful business you will be pleased you decided to take advantage of these extra amazing add-ons.


Publish as many websites and landing pages as you require to keep your business growing. You’ll have unlimited access to our site-building features so you can give your visitors an enhanced and engaging user experience.


Get priority and time-saving support by email or live chat when you need it most. A dedicated MailerLite manager will help you, import subscribers, create email templates and GDPR-compliant web forms, and analyze your metrics, so you can get on with what is most important in your business.

Dedicated IP

Dedicated IPs can improve your deliverability by isolating your sending reputation. Recommended if you’re sending at least 50,000 emails per week. This sort of service is vital to any forward-thinking reputable.

Which MailerLite Plan is Best For You?

If you don’t want to drive targeted leads to your own branded domain, with awesome popups and opt-in pages where you can offer super lead magnets that your visitors will love and start to build a very successful online business and you are not in a hurry to build your list, then the free plan is right for you.

If on the other hand, you want to grow your list, quickly and send out scheduled emails so that you know they will get to your subscribers’ inbox, even when you are asleep then the $10 or $15 Premium Plan is a great place to start. I personally use the Premium Plan and I love it, in particular the 24/7 support, the beautiful templates, the resend email option, and amongst other amazing features the scheduled email feature and of course the drag and drop and rich text intuitive editor. So if you want to start to build a successful online business and create engaging beautiful emails then click here and get started today.

Get Started With MailerLite

Create a Landing Page

Creating beautiful engaging landing pages like the one featured below with MailerLite couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is point your mouse, click, drag, and drop and the intuitive interface does it all for you. Well not quite does it all for you, you have to do some work yourself. But, once you learn the basics you can have all your campaigns up and running in literally minutes.

MailerLite – Landing pages and email marketing

Unlike other email marketing tools with your Free MailerLite account, you’ll get a free website and 5 free landing pages—all supported by Mailerlite’s powerful email marketing software that enables you to create professional and personalized campaigns. But, when your business grows and you have your own domain/s and you need more sites, then the SitesPro add-on is only $10 per month and with SitesPro you will enjoy unlimited web pages, landing pages, custom domains, and web traffic.

MailerLite – Launch different landing pages for every initiative

Create landing pages like a professional designer to cover every aspect of digital marketing from list-building and visitor feedback to driving traffic and selling digital products.

MailerLite – Keep growing your list

Collect more targeted subscribers by turning your landing pages into high-converting signup forms. Then use the different data fields to create Interest groups, so your visitors can decide what content they’d like to receive.

MailerLite – Collect feedback with surveys

Gather visitor feedback from your landing page using MailerLite survey blocks. Surveys include net promoter score, open questions, satisfaction scores, multiple-choice and more. Want to make the survey super fun? Turn it into a game using our quiz feature.

MailerLite – Sell digital products with Stripe

MailerLite permits you to start making money directly from landing pages. You can now sell digital products and subscriptions using a Stripe integration—anything from paid newsletters to music downloads and ebooks. Plus, set up one-time or recurring payments to suit any pricing requirements.

MailerLite – Discover best-performing landing page with A/B split testing

Not sure which landing page version will get the best click-through and conversion rates? MailerLite allows you to test up to 5 different content combinations by splitting traffic between landing pages and see the results in your dashboard.

MailerLite – Enhance engagement with specialized content blocks

MailerLite gives your visitors an immersive user experience by providing professional landing pages with specialized content blocks. You can choose from over 30 blocks including image carousels, videos, testimonials, countdown timers, (normally have to be on the pro plan of other providers to get this service) events, and contact forms. To save you time you can use the search functionality to quickly find the right block.

MailerLite – Use custom domains and SSL

MailerLite gives you the choice in how you want to link your domain and landing page. You can link to either a specific subdomain or connect your entire domain to MailerLite. Or, you can save time and keep it simple and use an automatically provided domain from MailerLite.

MailerLite makes sure your page is fully GDPR-compliant

MailerLite default settings make sure landing pages stay GDPR-compliant. And you can rest assured that any campaigns you create are GDPR-friendly by adding pre-written permissions, checkboxes, and EU-subscriber segmentation. Or, you can save time and make your life easier by selecting to use one of our GDPR-ready templates.

MailerLite – SEO, social share, analytics and custom code

MailerLite landing page search optimization has never been easier. You can even add the text snippet and image that are shown when you share landing pages on social media. Then, track performance by adding Google Analytics and Facebook data, and you can also embed custom code in your header and page code fields.

MailerLite – Responsive on every device

MailerLite makes sure your beautiful landing page will look amazing on every device. Their responsive technology resizes landing pages automatically to fit on mobile, tablets, and desktops.

MailerLite – Plus, choose from a wide selection of pre-made landing page templates

MailerLite designers, marketers, and copywriters joined forces to create an extensive gallery of professional and mobile-responsive templates for you to use in all your campaigns. See the variety of templates—starting with a “coming soon” and ending with the feedback survey landing pages templates.

Pro & Cons

Automated emails on the free plan
1 x free website and 5 landing pages
24/7 email free plan – 24/7 chat with the premium plan
Design intuitive landing pages hosted by MailerLite or on your domain
No advanced automation features or detailed reporting
A rigorous approvals process, although this does keep deliverability rates high

MailerLite Images

MailerLite – Is It The Right Service For You?

Recommended If

Recommended if you want to offer great value and build your list.

If you’re a smaller startup business, solopreneur, or software as a services business, for example, a virtual assistant or Webdesigner, then MailerLite is the perfect tool for you and for those who have a limited budget, but still need a tool that does more than just send newsletters.

Also, if you are a complete novice or want to learn up-to-date email marketing methods then check out MailerLite Academy, where their courses turn you into a MailerLite certified email marketing expert (as I am personally), everything just got a whole lot easier – and it’s also totally free!

You’re a complete beginner then MailerLite’s simple interface, intuitive navigation, and easy-to-use automation system (even on the free plan), and email editor is the first choice especially if you are just getting to grips with email marketing.

Not Recommended

Not recommended if you are only interested in selling, making money, and promoting your affiliate links.

You need complex automation sequences and although MailerLite lets you set up automated workflows it’s only based on very basic triggers (e.g. when subscribers join a group, click a link or have a contact field updated), it does however lack automations for more advanced triggers such as when someone visits a page on your website.


MailerLite really shines in the areas of user experience and simplicity, and it has enough features for the needs of most small businesses and it is a lot cheaper than some of its competitors meaning that there are some limitations, for example, the automation facility is somewhat thin on the ground

MailerLite does however excel in its deliverability practise, consistently getting top scores in tests.

The ‘Forever Free’ plan is great, but with some of its features now limited, including the number of emails you can send and newsletter templates unless of course, you become a MailerLite Expert. But, if you have fewer than 1,000 subscribers, it’s excellent.

Note that MailerLite is a little restrictive in their approvals processes than other providers – you’ll need to make sure that your list collection and email sending practices are above board. I personally think this is a good thing because it guards against issues with spam and follows the stipulations of CAN Spam and netiquette

As a MailerLite expert, I think MailerLite creates newsletter, landing pages, and form creation better than any other tool out there, and if that’s what you’re after then you don’t need to look any further.

Try MaillerLite now for free for up to 1,000 recipients.

MailerCheck, email verification tool to help you improve your deliverability

MailerSend, their transactional email service. Find out more here.

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